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Berry Plants

Buy Guaranteed to Grow Bare Root Fast Growing Berry Plants Online For Less with Free Shipping

Berry Plants

Buy Guaranteed to Grow Bare Root Fast Growing Berry Plants Online For Less with Free Shipping

  • American Cranberry Bush

    American Cranberry Bush $6.95

    Viburnum trilobum Fruit larger than nickels! This is one of the best cranberries available! It produces the largest, reddest fruits of any cranberry and since it is native to the U.S. is highly adaptable and easy to grow...

  • American Elderberry Bush - 2 Pack

    American Elderberry Bush - 2 Pack $7.95

    Sambucus canadensis American Elderberry - BUNDLE OF 2 - A fast-growing shrub that can be used as a border that will provide an incredible flowering display. Summer blooms are 6"-10" wide clusters of small, star-shaped...

  • Aronia Bush (2-3 feet)

    Aronia Bush (2-3 feet) $7.95

    Aronia melanocarpa Aronia's fruit is mostly used for making juice or wine. Beautiful fire-engine red foliage in fall increases its value as a landscape shrub. Grows 3-6' tall, Yields 10+ pounds of berries. Begins bearing...

  • Arrowwood Viburnum

    Arrowwood Viburnum $6.95

    Viburnum dentatum Arrowwood Viburnum - Grows To 15', White flowers. Birds love blue-black fruit. Glossy red foliage in autumn. Good for background screen and wildlife habitat in any soil. Fast growing...

  • Beautyberry Bush

    Beautyberry Bush $6.95

    Callicarpa americana Many seasons of beauty!Highly sought after shrub! Beautyberry is noted for its many seasons of color. During the summer, it is covered with lavender flowers. Metallic purple berries appear in fall and...

  • Black Chokeberry Tree

    Black Chokeberry Tree $7.95

    Aronia Melanocarpa - This small tree is a wonderful plant. The plant is beautiful and it produces edible fruit. The plant is native to here and grows very well. Aronia Melanocarpaa will grow to be around 6 feet...

  • Choke Cherry Tree

    Choke Cherry Tree $7.95

    Prunus virginiana - The Choke Cherry Tree has Growth To 25 Feet, Zones 2-9. Racemes of fragrant white spring flowers, small red to purple fruit good for preserves and very high wildlife value. Yellow to...

  • Coralberry, Indian Currant Bush

    Coralberry, Indian Currant Bush $6.95

    Symphoricarpos orbiculatus - Your yard will burst forth with color each fall as this beautiful Indian Coralberry Shrub fairly glows from its coral-colored berries all up and down its upright branches. Enjoy them in...

  • June Berry Bush

    June Berry Bush $6.95

    Amelanchier canadensisGrowth to 25 feet, also known as Juneberry, Shadbush Serviceberry, thicket shadblow, shadbush, oblongleaf juneberry, downy serviceberry, Chuckle Berry, Currant-tree, Sugarplum. Masses of white, early...

  • Nannyberry Viburnum

    Nannyberry Viburnum $6.95

    Latin: Viburnum lentago Other common names: blackhaw, sheepberry, sweet viburnum, wild raisinItem No: C1061-NV / Shipping Size: 1-2 FeetMature Height: 20 ft. a large shrub or small tree that often...

  • Northern Bayberry Bush (Pack of 2)

    Northern Bayberry Bush (Pack of 2) $7.95

    Myrica pensylvanica PACK OF 2 PLANTS - Grows to 12'. Wider than tall, Dense, deciduous shrub prized for aromatic and beautiful foliage. Female plants produce small, BB-sized waxy fruits.  These plants are...

  • Red Mulberry Bush

    Red Mulberry Bush $6.95

    Morus Rubra One of the most productive, adaptable, fast growing and trouble free trees available. Extra sweet, purple-black juicy fruit is great for pies and eating fresh. Morus rubra, commonly known as the red mulberry,...

  • Saskatoon Serviceberry Tree (2 Pack)

    Saskatoon Serviceberry Tree (2 Pack) $8.95

    Amelanchier alnifolia PACK OF 2 TREES - Use like blueberries. 4-6' tall. Spreads 4'. Bears second year after transplanting. White flowers early to mid-May. Hardy. Completely resistant to disease. Item...

  • Shadblow Serviceberry Bush

    Shadblow Serviceberry Bush $6.95

    Amelanchier canadensis Growth to 25 feet, also known as Juneberry. Masses of white, early spring flowers before leaves. Ornamental and edible fruit, bright yellow to red autumn foliage, multiple season landscape value...