2 Part - Warranty Policy



When you order trees and shrubs from The Tree Store your order is guaranteed to arrive in a good, healthy condition or we'll replace them at no charge. Within (24) hours of receiving your plants you must complete a SCRATCH TEST as specified in the instructions on each plant to determine their freshness. If any of the plants fail the scratch test you must stop with your preparation and planting and contact us immediately with the results of the test and we will send you a fresh plant. PLEASE DO NOT RETURN PLANTS UNLESS INSTRUCTED TO DO SO AS YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO RETURN PLANTS FOR THE HEALTHY DELIVERY GUARANTEE!



If any plant you purchased from us fails in the first year we will cover 100% of the original cost of the plant for a one time replacement. You will be charged a small mailing fee of $3.99 plus $.50 cents for each plant packing fee.  You must return to us at your expense the roots and 2 inches of the stem of the dead plants you want replaced along with an included plant replacement claim form that will have a one-of-a-kind handwritten control number on it.  This form can be found on the lower portion of the prep, planting and care instructions that you will receive with your order and is very important to keep safe during the period your plants are under warranty. To further validate the replacement warranty you are required to follow our prep, planting and care instructions and by using the included claim form with the one-of-a-kind control number to file your claim is how we confirm you used our instructions.

The replacement plants offer is only valid on plants purchased from us and planted according to the planting instructions included with your purchase.  Warranty is void on plants not planted in the ground within (2) weeks of receiving them.  The plants under warranty must be planted in the correct zone and within the lower (48) continental USA.  We will only warranty up to our maximum seasonal order level of $250.00



Replacement plants cannot be substituted unless a variety becomes unavailable or discontinued, you will then receive store credit equal to your original purchase.