Saskatoon Serviceberry Fruit Tree

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Scientific Name:
Amelanchier spp.
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Serviceberry – A Genus of Roughly 20 Deciduous Shrubs

Why Serviceberry (Amelanchier Spp.)?

Amelanchier, also known as serviceberry, sugarplum, Juneberry, wild-plum, or chuckley pear, is a genus of roughly 20 deciduous-leaved shrubs belonging to the rose family. The tree is indigenous to the temperate parts of the Northern Hemisphere and grows best in environments that have undergone early succession. The fruit resembles a berry but is really a pome. It matures from red to purple to almost black, has a diameter of 5–15 millimeters, and may range from tasteless to delicious.

The fruit of several species is delicious when eaten raw, with a sweetness that is highly enhanced by the almond-like flavor of the seeds, often used to make pies, jams, muffins, and wine.

Various birds and small animals favor the tiny, edible fruit, including the tufted titmice, northern cardinals, American goldfinch, brown thrashers, Carolina chickadees, blue jays, and American robins.

The wood is dark in color, very dense, and has a fine texture. The sapwood has a lighter tint than the heartwood, which has a reddish-brown coloration, used to make tool handles and rods for fishing.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review