American Black Elderberry Bush

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Sambucus canadensis
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American Black Elderberry - Tree of Music

Why American Black Elderberry?

Famous in Europe and North Africa for a long time, black elderberries were once thought to ward off evil spirits and cure diseases. We don’t know about evil spirits, but in the U.S., black elderberries are recognized as a ‘superfruit” because of their multiple health benefits.


All parts of the elderberry are considered valuable healing plants in folk medicines. They help fight colds and flu, lower cholesterol, and reduce cancer risk.


Because of its multiple benefits, American Black Elderberry is sold in the form of powder, pill, juice, syrup, gummy, etc. The flowers are the mildest part of the plant and are prepared as tea to break dry fevers and stimulate perspiration.


Aside from medicine, Sambucus canadensis are used to make arrow shafts, combs, flute, dyes for basketry, and much more. Despite its many advantages, the plant is not palatable during all seasons and receives limited browsing in the spring as compared to late summer and fall.


Pollination: Self fruiting, however, larger yields can be expected with cross pollination of multiple varieties.

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(20 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5

    Posted by Raymond Sadler on 06/08/21

    Arived in great shapw, well rooted

  • 5
    American Elderberry Bush

    Posted by Becky Bridwell on 04/26/21

    My plants arrived in great shape! I went to their suggested website for planting directions! My plants are already putting on new shoots!!

  • 5
    American Elderberry Bush (17 reviews) Write a Review $14.95 SKU: DG5531-BE Scientific Name: Sambucus canadensis Hardiness/Growing Zone: 3-9 Sun Exposure: Full to Partial Sun Growth Rate Per Year: 24 - 36 inches Average Mature He

    Posted by C Roque on 04/26/21

    Very Nice and already growing.

  • 5
    Healthy plants.

    Posted by Hilary Huskey on 02/27/20

    The tree store is my favorite online shop for bareroot trees and shrubs. I’ve been buying native trees and shrubs to restore my property to its former glory. I’m shrinking the lawn, and the tree store helps me do this with healthy, affordable natives.

  • 5
    Elderberry Plants

    Posted by VALERIE RODGERS on 02/25/20

    These were very healthy plants. I will be ordering more soon!

  • 5
    Elderberry trees

    Posted by Cindy on 01/30/20

    Love them! They are soaking and I will plant them today in my orchard!

  • 5
    High Quality

    Posted by Aaron Robbins on 01/30/20

    Very healthy when I received them. So far, the value has been tremendous.

  • 5
    Love me Elderberry!

    Posted by Keridan Moorman on 01/30/20

    I can't explain how happy I am with my new elderberry bushes. I followed the directions and they are thriving beyond what I had expected.

  • 5
    Knockout roots!

    Posted by Diane Kistner on 01/20/20

    I've ordered bareroot elderberries before from another company, and they were essentially just twigs with hardly any roots. Not these! Imagine a big man's hand in a claw: that's how big these roots are. Very healthy. Of course, at the time of the year I've received them, they are dormant and have no buds, but I expect these babies are going to really take off. I'll post later if they don't.