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Fast Growing Trees

Fast Growing Trees

  • European Beech Tree

    European Beech Tree $6.95

    Fagus sylvatica European Beech Tree Mature Height: 90 ft.  One of the best large ornamental shade trees native to Europe. Smooth, light gray bark and yellow-bronze fall foliage color.  Frequently planted as a...

  • European Mountain Ash Tree

    European Mountain Ash Tree $6.95

    Sorbus aucuparia Grows To 45', Orange-red berry-like fruit attracts birds and hangs until spring. Widely planted as an ornamental or for conservation purposes. Used as a rootstock for budding or grafting cultivars...

  • Flowering Dogwood Tree

    Flowering Dogwood Tree $6.95

    Cornus FloridusThis flowering tree is one of the most noble of flowering trees due to its timeless beauty. It is the perfect tree for landscaping as it can be appreciated during all four seasons. The tree's showy white...

  • Hybrid Poplar Tree

    Hybrid Poplar Tree $5.95

    Populus deltoides x Populus nigraThe Hybrid Poplar is a VERY fast growing shade tree that is also called a Seedless or Cottonless Cottonwood. When you need shade in a hurry, we suggest the fast-growing Hybrid Shade...

  • Japanese Zelkova Tree

    Japanese Zelkova Tree $6.95

    Zelkova serrataGraceful vase-shaped shade tree has elliptical, dark green foliage. Displays showy fall mix of yellow, rust, bronze, dark red and purple. Attractive steel-gray bark exfoliates to expose orange shading...

  • Northern Catalpa Tree (Pack of 2)

    Northern Catalpa Tree (Pack of 2) $6.95

    Catalpa speciosa PACK OF 2 TREES!  (SPRING SHIPPING ONLY!!)  Grows 40-60 Feet, Interesting Twisting Trunk and branches. White, showy flowers. Giant heart-shaped leaves. Dangling bean-like seed pods, which kids...

  • Northern Red Oak Tree

    Northern Red Oak Tree $6.95

    Quercus rubraBristle-tipped leaves turn red in the fall. Fast growing tree, grows as much as two feet a year for 10 years. The leaves have 7 to 11 waxy lobes. A good street tree, tolerates pollution and compacted soil. Red...

  • Osage Orange Tree

    Osage Orange Tree $5.95

        SALE PRODUCTS ARE FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPPING ONLY Maclura pomiferaGrowth to 6 Feet. Tough, adaptable native tree. Normally short trunk, wide spreading branches occasionally pendulous. Bright green summer...

  • Paper White Birch Tree (3 Pack)

    Paper White Birch Tree (3 Pack) $7.95

    Betula papyrifera BUNDLE OF 3 - The Paper Birch offers year-round beauty, with smooth white bark, brilliant yellow fall leaves, and stately grace against the winter sky. This fast growing tree does best in full sun,...

  • Purple Smoke Tree

    Purple Smoke Tree $6.95

    Cotinus coggygria 'Purpureus'  Purple Smoke Tree is an amazing little tree grows only 9-10 feet tall. May be the prettiest tree you will ever plant. In early spring it is covered with rich, purple foliage. In...

  • Redbud Tree (2 Pack)

    Redbud Tree (2 Pack) $6.95

    Cercis canadensis PACK OF 2 TREES - Rosy pink flowers appear in April. Reddish-purple leaves change to dark green, then to yellow.. Full sun or light shade. Partial shade preferred in windy, dry areas. Grows to 20'...

  • Rose of Sharon Tree

    Rose of Sharon Tree $5.95

    Hibiscus syriacus Rose of Sharon (Also called Althea) has beautiful double blooms that appear in August-September in a blaze of red, pink, white or blue when few other shrubs are in bloom. Wonderful even for seaside...

  • Sassafras Tree

    Sassafras Tree $7.95

        Sassafras 'albidum' - Grows To 60', Sassafrases are known for their fragrance and flavor. The root and stems have uniquely different fragrances and flavors. The roots have the smell...

  • Silky Dogwood Shrub

    Silky Dogwood Shrub $5.95

    Cornus amomum Growth To 9', Purple spreading branches. Leaves are dark green on top and silky underneath. Yellowish white flowers. Beautiful Landscape Specimen! Shipping Size: 1-2 Feet GROWING ZONES: 3-9 / SUN...

  • Staghorn Sumac Tree

    Staghorn Sumac Tree $6.95

    Rhus typhina Other common names: velvet sumac, hairy sumac.Mature Height: 15 ftSoil / Climate: Grows well in low nutrient soils, sun and shade. Staghorn sumac grows in gardens, lawns, the edges of forests,...

  • Swamp White Oak Tree

    Swamp White Oak Tree $5.95

    Quercus bicolorGrowth to 100 Feet. One of the faster growing Oaks. Forms large canopy, prefers moist sites, some drought and alkaline soil tolerance. Transplants easily. High wildlife and landscape value. Item SKU:...

  • Sweet Birch Tree

    Sweet Birch Tree $6.95

    Betula lenta - Also known as Cherry Birch. Medium growth rate to 40 to 55 feet. It is called Sweet Birch due to it's peppermint-like taste and aroma when twigs are broken or crushed. This tree is native to Eastern...

  • Sweetshrub, Carolina Allspice

    Sweetshrub, Carolina Allspice $5.95

    Calycanthus floridus By early June see 1-2 inch reddish brown flowers appear on the Spicy Sweet Shrub. Blooms last for 3-4 weeks and have a spicy strawberry, banana-pineapple fragrance that peaks in late afternoon and...

  • Thornless Honey Locust Tree

    Thornless Honey Locust Tree $5.95

    Gleditsia triacanthos 'Inermis' Gleditsia Triacanthus is a fast growing tree that can grow to be up to 70 feet tall. It has lovely yellow fragrant spring flowers. This trees beautiful flowers can greatly improve the look...

  • Weeping Willow Tree

    Weeping Willow Tree $7.95

    Salix 'babylonica'This willow is a large very fast growing and much planted tree often seen by water, but equally as happy on dry soils. It has long pendulous golden branches with bright green leaves unfolding early in...