Coffee Cake Persimmon

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Diospyros kaki
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Cannot Ship To:AK,CA,HI

Diospyros kaki - Native Plant of China and Japan - CANNOT SHIP TO:  AK, CA, HI

Why Coffee Cake Persimmon Tree?

A popular and highly demanded member of the persimmon tree family, the Coffee Cake Persimmon tree is one of the first to ripen, almost a month before all other types of persimmon trees. 

Scientifically known as the Diospyros kaki, this type of persimmon tree is native to some Asian countries and is well-known for its large leaves and its plump, rich, sweet, soft, and fleshy orange-brown fruit.

The Coffee Cake Persimmon tree is ideal for all areas that remain cool most of the year. The way the round and plump orange fruit populates its tree makes it an excellent addition to enhance the outlook of your landscape.

Although the Coffee Cake Persimmon tree will attract many beautiful birds and wildlife, it barely attracts any pests or diseases. This quality makes it relatively easier to manage and care for this bare root fruit tree.

The Coffee Cake Persimmon tree grows vigorously and can bear fruit in just two to three years. It is shipped in a dormant state and is bare-rooted.

Although this tree is a low-maintenance plant, it still needs full sunlight exposure to reach a mature height of 12 to 14 feet.

The fruit of the Coffee Cake Persimmon tree is edible while still firm and can also be used to make different medical teas, flavonoids, syrups, and desserts.

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Interactive Excerpt From USDA Plant Guide


(No reviews yet) Write a Review