HoneyCrisp Apple Tree

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Malus domestica HoneyCrisp""
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Malus Domestica ' Honeycrisp' - Native Plant of Minnesota, USA

Why Honeycrisp Apple Tree?

Specially bred and developed at the University of Minnesota through cross-pollination, the Honeycrisp Apple Tree was first introduced to the public in 1991. As the name suggests, the red-yellow apple of this tree is well-known for its honey-like sweet flavor and extremely juicy ‘explosively crisp’ texture.

Cross-pollination has enabled the fruit of the Honeycrisp Apple tree to sustain its freshness and crispiness for a very long time, which greatly adds to the apple’s commercial value and global demand.

Best grown in a hardiness zone between 4 and 5, the Honeycrisp Apple Tree’s healthy growth depends on well-irrigated lands that also get complete uninterrupted sunlight exposure. At full maturity, the tree is able to reach a maximum height and spread of 15 feet.

The sweet nectar of the Malus Domestica ‘Honeycrisp’s’ wild white flowers attracts honey bees, and the fully matured apples can catch the attention of mammals like deer, small rodents, bats, and birds.

Although the Honeycrisp Apple tree has poor physical strength and requires ample time to bear fruit, it has still become one of the most highly demanded apple tree species worldwide.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review