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Special Sales & Bundles

Special Sales & Bundles of Bare Root Trees and Shrubs

  • Paper White Birch Tree (3 Pack)

    Paper White Birch Tree (3 Pack) $7.95

    Betula papyrifera BUNDLE OF 3 - The Paper Birch offers year-round beauty, with smooth white bark, brilliant yellow fall leaves, and stately grace against the winter sky. This fast growing tree does best in full sun,...

  • Red Maple Tree (2 Pack)

    Red Maple Tree (2 Pack) $6.95

    Acer rubrum BUNDLE OF 2 - Growth to 120 Feet. One of nature's most richly colored trees! A majestic and beautiful shade tree that will give you years of proud satisfaction. In early spring tiny red flowers appear on every...

  • Redbud Tree (2 Pack)

    Redbud Tree (2 Pack) $6.95

    Cercis canadensis PACK OF 2 TREES - Rosy pink flowers appear in April. Reddish-purple leaves change to dark green, then to yellow.. Full sun or light shade. Partial shade preferred in windy, dry areas. Grows to 20'...

  • River Birch Tree - 3 Pack

    River Birch Tree - 3 Pack $6.95

    Betula nigra BUNDLE of 3 - The combination of fast growing, unique bark, and great fall color make the River Birch a constant member's favorite. The cinnamon-colored, exfoliating bark of the River Birch is spectacular in...

  • Saskatoon Serviceberry Tree (2 Pack)

    Saskatoon Serviceberry Tree (2 Pack) $7.95

    Amelanchier alnifolia PACK OF 2 TREES - Use like blueberries. 4-6' tall. Spreads 4'. Bears second year after transplanting. White flowers early to mid-May. Hardy. Completely resistant to disease. Item...

  • Scotch Pine Austrian Strain (2 Pack)

    Scotch Pine Austrian Strain (2 Pack) $6.95

    Pinus sylvestris 'Austrian Hills'BUNDLE OF 2 TREES - A fast growing strain very similar to French Blue strain but from a higher elevation. Recommended for colder, drier climates where French Blue may burn...

  • Steeplebush Spirea Bush

    Steeplebush Spirea Bush $6.95

    Spirea tomentosa- is small, mounding, deciduous shrub that rarely grows taller than 5'. The stems are rigid and undivided. In late summer, these are terminated by dense, plume-shaped panicles of tiny pinkish flowers...

  • Virginia Creeper Vine (2 Pack)

    Virginia Creeper Vine (2 Pack) $7.95

    Parthenocissus quinquefoliaBUNDLE OF 2 - Virginia Creeper quickly covers wall, fences, and trellises with glossy, green foliage that turns brilliant scarlet in fall. Tolerates almost any type of soil. Grows in full sun or...

  • White Pine Tree (2 Pack)

    White Pine Tree (2 Pack) $5.95

    Pinus strobus - BUNDLE OF 2 - A hardy, valuable tree. Clustered soft blue-green needles. Ideal screen or windbreak. Likes moist, well-drained soils. Grows 50'- 80' with a 20-40' spread in the landscape, up to...