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Evergreen Trees

Buy Guaranteed to Grow Bare Root Fast Growing Evergreen Trees Online For Less with Free Shipping

Evergreen Trees

Buy Guaranteed to Grow Bare Root Fast Growing Evergreen Trees Online For Less with Free Shipping

  • American Arborvitae Tree (Jumbo Size)

    American Arborvitae Tree (Jumbo Size) $8.95

    Thuja occidentalis American Arborvitae - Also Known as White Cedar. Tall, soft, slender, and luxuriously dense, this elegant evergreen requires almost no care when used as a windbreak, hedge, privacy screen, or...

  • American Larch Tree

    American Larch Tree $7.95

    Larix laricina American Larch - Other common names: Tamarack, eastern larch, hackmatack Mature Height: 30-65 ft. Soil / Climate: Grows in most soils including clay and limestone. Do best in moist, but well drained...

  • Austrian Pine Tree (2 Pack)

    Austrian Pine Tree (2 Pack) $6.95

    Pinus nigra Pack of 2 Trees! - Very hardy, withstanding city or seaside conditions, heat and drought, and clay and alkaline soils. Good for windbreaks. Grows to 60', with 20'-40' spread. Item #...

  • Bald Cypress Tree (Jumbo)

    Bald Cypress Tree (Jumbo) $6.95

    Taxodium distichum - Baldcypress is a stately deciduous conifer adaptable to wet or dry conditions. Best known in wet areas, does well in city conditions. The pale green leaves turn majestic orange-red in the fall,...

  • Colorado Blue Spruce Tree (Jumbo)

    Colorado Blue Spruce Tree (Jumbo) $7.95

    Picea pungens 'Glauca' -Its beautiful year-round color, remarkable consistency in form, and its superb adaptability to a variety of growing conditions make the Colorado Blue Spruce one of the most popular evergreens. This...

  • Eastern Red Cedar Tree (Pack of 2)

    Eastern Red Cedar Tree (Pack of 2) $6.95

    Juniperus virginiana PACK OF 2 TREES - A dense pyramidal evergreen Juniper growing to 40 or 50 feet. Spread 8 to 20 feet. Exfoliating handsome grayish to reddish -brown bark is considered part of it's ornamental...

  • Norway Spruce Tree (Jumbo)

    Norway Spruce Tree (Jumbo) $7.95

    Picea abiesNorway Spruce is one of the nicest evergreens you can plant. Nice pyramidal form and dark green needles makes it a favorite. Norway Spruce is extremely adaptable and very cold hardy. Versatile trees work well...

  • Scotch Pine Austrian Strain (2 Pack)

    Scotch Pine Austrian Strain (2 Pack) $6.95

    Pinus sylvestris 'Austrian Hills'BUNDLE OF 2 TREES - A fast growing strain very similar to French Blue strain but from a higher elevation. Recommended for colder, drier climates where French Blue may burn...

  • White Pine Tree (2 Pack)

    White Pine Tree (2 Pack) $6.95

    Pinus strobus - BUNDLE OF 2 - A hardy, valuable tree. Clustered soft blue-green needles. Ideal screen or windbreak. Likes moist, well-drained soils. Grows 50'- 80' with a 20-40' spread in the landscape, up to 150'...